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Caesarstone introduces five new colours to its Classico and Supernatural collections

Quartz manufacturer Caesarstone has unveiled five new colours to its Classico and Supernatural collections for 2017.

Rugged Concrete 4033, an urban inspired innovative design that is part of the Concrete Series and Classico collection, is accentuated by its unique imperfections and dark grey tones. The rough looking stone surface creates zen-like bathrooms and kitchens that feel like open studios to experiment in, while conserving the ease of maintenance that is synonymous with Caesarstone surfaces. Rugged Concrete contains tactile finish and industrial look, while encompassing all the benefits of Caesarstone, including a 100 per cent non-porous lifestyle warranty. 


Montblanc 5043 and White Attica 5143 have been added to the brand’s Supernatural collection, a range inspired by the forms, colours and patterns found in nature. Montblanc 5043 is characterized by a harmonious light grey base infused with rich warm lines that vary in width, reflecting the unique qualities of natural stone. White Attica 5143 is a trendy combination of deep, dramatic black veins juxtaposed to a vivid white background and finished with subtle hints of grey.


Two new designs have also been added to Caesarstone’s romantic Granite series as a part of the Supernatural collection. The Granite inspired series combines natural aesthetics with contemporary style. Turbine Grey 6313 captures the nuances of genuine granite, featuring the contrast of dark grey and white veining amidst the grey stone. Moorland Fog 6046 offers softer hues, embellished with light and dark veining. The design elegantly reflects the special depth of genuine granite and is versatile enough for both light-filled spaces and more traditional homes.


“Ranging from urban, to country to natural inspirations, each new colour demonstrates the myriad of design possibilities of the quartz, while retaining the beauty and quality of natural stone,” said Elizabeth Margles, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone. “We hope these new designs continue to inspire consumers and designers alike and open up an opportunity to use Caesarstone surfaces beyond kitchen and bathrooms, to include wall claddings and furniture pieces.” 



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