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Teppich Galore

Galmous Atlas MountainSoufiane Zarib 

This Moroccan-based rug artist is probably best known for the stunning Beni Ouirain rugs of the 17 Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountain, so not surprisingly this handmade esoteric design takes its cues from the mountains and pathways of similar regions in northwestern Africa. 

SunRug Star 

Designed by Jürgen Dahlmanns, this eye-popping Persian weave carpet is hand knotted in Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, and is available in 100 per cent silk or a wool-silk blend.  

ChaosLila Valadan 

Made from hand spun highland wool and plant-based colouring, this Persian carpet is part of the Hidden collection, which combines a thousand-year-old history of nomadic carpet tradition with abstract shapes to form an intriguing design.  

Anar dar ToorZollanvari 

Designed by NOV24 as part of the Isfahan Collection, inspiration for Anar dar Toor (meaning, roughly, “pomegranates in a net”) came from seeing a fruit seller in a market near Shiraz, in Irans Fars province, who had hung pomegranates in a net (toor) to keep them clean.  

Gatsby GoldHossein Rezvami 

The luxurious geometric Art Deco arrangement of this Fitzgerald-influenced carpet, made from a mixture of black highland wool and golden silk, was one of the undeniable showstoppers at Domotex.   

Skagen Swiss Krono Group 

In one of those collections-within-collections scenarios, Skagen is the nicest series on the Mega Plus collection, itself part of the Kronotex line of modern laminate floor surfaces, and cleverly replicates the worn wooden parquet floor look.   

PoudreAtelier Février 

Hand-knotted in Nepal with Himalayan wool and silk, this enthralling shadow-like paint spill design created in collaboration with Parisian performing artists Bruant & Spangaro was a crowd favourite and Carpet Design Award winner at Domotex.   

Trigu│Mariantonia Urru 

Designed by Paulina Herrera Letelier, the Mediterranean Moving Landscapes Collections (and especially the Trigu rug) epitomize simplicity, richness of colour, and warmth. The contemporary design, produced from natural wool and colour, uses yarn elevation to enhance the pattern.   

 Olbia Stella│Tisca 

Hand-woven using New Zealand wool and available in 96 colours and variety of shapes and sizes, the Olbia collection’s key selling feature is its reversibility, giving this playful rug added longevity.