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Beauparlant launches series of wireless wall-mounted shelves

Photo credit: Donna Griffith
Photo credit: Donna Griffith

Integrated design studio Beauparlant has announced the launch of a series of wall-mounted shelves designed to be adaptable and flexible to a variety of environments. They will be exhibited at the Interior Design Show in Toronto from January 19-22, 2017.

Originally designed as part of a custom kitchen for a private residence, the wireframe shelves were used to improve the visual sightlines of the space. “I wanted to create strong horizontal lines in a galley kitchen where the upper cabinets were interrupted by various windows and clearance requirements”, says Beauparlant principal Philippe Beauparlant. The thin frame structure of the shelves reduces the visual mass and brings a sense of elegance to the space. This adapted version of the shelves as a stand-alone product is improved with non-directional lighting and natural oak surfaces.

The wireframe shelf is designed for various residential or commercial applications. The 12x12mm frame profile could be finished in a wide range of colours and the wood shelves fabricated from laminate oak are oil finished for a natural texture and colour. Beauparlant is currently welcoming possible manufacturers.